Where There was Fire, Ashes Remain and You Can Start Another Fire


Pastor: Jhon Paul the Fair

It is impossible that you do not go through the presence of God and he does not tell you what there is something that you have to change.

God will always tell you what there are things to adjust in our lives and in our hearts.

When God comes into your life, Jesus takes care of removing all the roots from your heart. If you love yourself, you're not going to beg for anyone's love. Stop looking for approval from others and start loving yourself. Do not expect others to value you, give yourself your courage. Love yourself, because the day you begin to love there is no bulling that can harm you.

Luke 24:13 from now on.

It does not take long to lose the passion: In just three days the fire can be lost, your passion for Jesus may be gone. You have to live every day passionate about Jesus. If there is one thing you can never lose is the passion for Jesus, because it is something that will keep you and will hold you.

When you lose your passion, your heart gets cold. When you lose your passion, you lose your vision and if you lose your vision you lose the direction of your life. You can lose everything, but while there is passion there is vision and while there is direction you have everything.

The vision gives you a destiny, so you can't lose your passion.

You have to seek God out of passion and not by habit, you have to serve by passion and not by habit.

Your sadness or your joy depends on what you speak, both feed.

What happens when you lose your passion?

You lose sight
When you lose your passion, you lose your joy.

When passion is lost, joy and joy are lost.

When you are clear about the vision of marriage, God sends you the blessing.

The woman or the man you're going to get is the provision for the vision you have.

If you have a vision of family God will send you the wife or the husband for your life.

When you have lost your passion you do things by obligation and not by conviction.

Serving God must be the passion of your heart.

Make Jesus that passion for which you get up and why you lie down, that is the passion that will always keep you.

You have to regain the love and passion for Jesus. Dreams come true, but dreams have to be pursued and for that you need passion.

3. When you lose your passion you will live in the past: the one who loses passion begins to remember what it was like in the past, what it did.

When a person speaks only in the past it is because the passion is gone. When you lose your passion you begin to talk so much about the past that you punish your future. The one who speaks of the past begins to punish his future. Passion is carried forward, loss of vision takes you back. Your greatest victories are coming, the best is to come.

Do not make your God a god of age, he is a god of today.

How do I recover the passion?: Walking and staying with Jesus.

If you recover the passion you will recover purpose, joy, vision, Destiny and you will meet God, with the great I am. The company of Jesus returns the Passion.

When you let yourself be accompanied by Jesus you will always have passion.

The moment Jesus comes to your side, he recovers everything. When you are with God, you smell the presence of him, he will change your face, everything will change you.

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