The Pressures


Preacher: Pastor Carlos Osorio

Date: Sunday, November 5, 2017

Exodus 32:1

All of us are under pressure in life, not all pressures are bad, the secret is how you handle that pressure.

You need to know what to do with every pressure in your life.

By a pressure you can make a bad decision.

No matter what you're living, remember that you have a god that will get you out of every problem you have.

Do not make decisions for the moment, emotion, or pressures, because you can go wrong.

If God has told you something, he will, you must be steadfast in your convictions and in what he has told you, do not doubt God.

God knows how to give you the answers at the right time.

As much as you want, you will never be able to please everyone, do not let yourself be pressured by people, do not get carried away by what another says, have criterion and character for your life, so that you do not lose the direction or the conviction of what God will do in your life. If God has put you as head of something, he's going to back you up, you just believe him.

Many times before the pressure you yield to the temptation, to what you really want, to the pressure many times you go back, but remember that above all pressure God will not let you fall and always take you forward.

You can not deviate from the way to the pressures, it is very easy to get out of the way that God has for you, so it has to be strong in the face of your problems and believe in God, that he will not let you deviate and for more pressure that you will help.

There are hard things that we have to soften so there is pressure, and God wants to soften certain things in your life so that you do not carry those burdens and that is why you feel pressures; But the difference is how you handle those pressures.

Many times by pressure you've attacked yours, you've had rabies and you wanted to manipulate others. The pressure leads you to make bad decisions, but remember that God will heal your heart and will clear every one of your problems, you must not worry because God frees you. The pressures do not take you to the ground, make good decisions that God supports you.

It is necessary that instead of being complaining about pressures, instead of making bad decisions, you begin to enjoy yourself in the midst of the test, because you know that God will get something good out of this. Of the pressures always come out good results just let yourself be carried away from God.

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