The Non-Fidelity


Pastor Jhon Paul the Fair

Characteristics of a faithful person.

Do not be a troublemaker: a person who torments, oppresses. Troublemakers arise because they disagree with something. Believers we become obstacles. If God wanted to condemn the world, he would have sent a condemned man, but as his purpose is to save, he sends a savior.

A person who is a troublemaker has no love in his heart because the one who has love goes over differences and disagreements.

God is not a troublemaker God is love and love surpasses. You have to identify the cause of the riot in your life. We must avoid being the troublemaker of the house. You have to analyze what you have in your heart that is causing you to be a troublemaker in your home and with those around you.

Do not be disobedient: a disobedient person is a person who becomes permissive. Rebellion has the consequence of affliction, it is necessary to reconsider returning to the ways of God. No one can take the place of God in your life, first God that your family, first God than your work, to that which you devote more time that is your God. Baal is the one who He wants to enslave you, God bought your temple at the price of blood and you can't do with what you want.

God loves us so much that he wants to avoid problems.

What governs you is your lord, when God asks you to keep yourself from fornication is because he who fornicates against his own attentive body. God calls you to put limits on your life so that the house does not fall off.

Do not be undecided: even when you will be hesitant between two opinions, whether you do or not do. If God is your God follow him, otherwise don't follow him. Do not be undecided, or empty between two thoughts, that makes you wobble and falter in your walk. With God is not played, he is serious, is looking for you loyalty and commitment.

God is willing to draw from your temple everything you ask him to take out and that they are hurting and hindering the purpose he has for you.

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