The Family is in Danger


2 Samuel: 23

God gives great victories to those who dare to fight in their small lands.

Don't fall in love with someone who only has talent but someone who dares to fight for you.

God only deals with those who are willing to fight for what is theirs.

Consider three things:

The reality of the situation:

The family has enemies. God's blessing on your life unleashes the hatred and envy of others upon you. Don't be alarmed by the noise of the enemy when you know the sky is with you. You have to defend what's yours. Watch out for social networks.

The need for the situation:

Men have an obligation to take care of the family.

To save the harvest we have to refresh our minds to contemplate our hands and look at our family. We gotta stop running. Let your family see you head-on and not your backs. Every member of the family has to work and they do it better when they have a good example to follow.

The solution of the situation.

The property, it's this situation. Someone has to take his place. We have to defend the family's terrain. A call to participate.

Mama Leona, the Pope the Eagle, warrior Sons in training learning from Mama Leona and Papa Aguila.

Don't let difficult situations destroy what's yours. The moment of truth. Nehemiah 4:4

When you take your place in your family, God takes his.

The sky shudders because of our daring.

The attitude of your heart in battle must be great.

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