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Preacher: Cesar Villa

In our hearts things that do not come from God and remain so, it is not about sin only, but that our heart must be clean of everything that is not of God, to be able to see it in our life.

Our heart needs to approach God, let us not despair looking where we should not seek when all we have with God.

You and I are blessed when with a clean heart we can see God. To know that God is with us, shows us his fidelity in our lives.

The heart can get dirty: you and I are exposed to our hearts being mistreated, filled with wrong things, etc. Every day we are exposed to our hearts getting dirty with thoughts and feelings. It is not just about sin, in the face of difficult challenges and situations we are exposed to our hearts being filled with things that are not of God.

Matthew 15:20

The problem is not really to feel something wrong, but not to go where God is to make us his truth about that.

2. Lava, order and boot.

Matthew 23.25-26-27-28

You can know a lot about the Bible, but if you don't devote yourself to God transforming your interior, it is mere knowledge and now. We have to allow God to wash, order and boat what he has to throw in our lives. Psalm 51:1-2-10

We need to be washed by God, order what you have to order in your life and give us a spirit with character. We have to know how to assume losses, learn to assume that because of our decisions we lose things, the friendships we lost, the mistakes we made, and God will support us.

1 John 1:9

3. Identify with what gives you the strength.

To identify with Jesus gives us strength, the cleanest heart that exists is that of Jesus. When you don't know, he does know. If you want to keep your heart clean and have strength in that, you must get close to Jesus, be honest with him and that will give you strength. When we know that God is there and we can see him, we know that he will always be there, he has fulfilled his promise and has never left us. If God is faithful to you, you can live faithfully to him.

In any situation you can live, God is going to be with you.

Whatever it is that wants to come to dirty our hearts with something that is not of God, to deal with him, to let us clean and do what he sends us to do.

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