Recovering My Passion


Pastor Jhon Paul the Fair

God remains faithful even though we are unfaithful, God does not leave us and does not forsake us. You can come to God whenever you want, you can always find in God the love you need to get back to him.

The little energy that you have today, is because your relationship with God has been degraded.

How to get your passion back.

Renew the strength of your hands:

Hebrews 12:1

As you review what Jesus lived, your heart will have the passion he had.

Set your gaze on how Jesus did it, so that you can achieve it. Why aren't you feeling a fire in your soul, because you're not studying Jesus.

If you don't feel fire in your soul, it's because you're not studying Jesus

A coal ignites another coal, helps others and ignites their lives.

When Jesus does a miracle in you, he does it at all. "Jesus didn't die for you, he died for all, so it's not about you, it's about us."

Strengthen Your knees

We will never be able to have a good spiritual life if we do not strengthen the interior, it is necessary to start inside.

I want to challenge you to take 15 minutes before you start daily chores for God to see what happens.

Make a straight Path

Do not let any root, no stone make you stumble and make you stumble to others, make your way straight.

For your feet not to over, you have to be on your knees.

Passion goes on studying Jesus, studying him as much as you can be living is going.

God does not want us to have a life of appearance, he wants us to have a genuine and real life.

Jesus does not seek long prayers, Jesus seeks honest prayers.

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